The washer is a disc-shaped flat plate with a center hole. They are used to give loads over a large area. It is mainly used for spacers, pre-loading screws, springs, and vibration reduction.

Types of washers
Flat Washer
Fender Washer
Belleville or conical washer
Split Lock Washer
External Tooth Washer
Internal Tooth Washer

Basic Product Product Type & Head Style Available Size Range Thread & Dimension Refer To Properties And Requirements Refer To
WashersFlatM4-M100 DIN 125, ASTM F436M ASTM A36; ASTM F436/F436M; AISI SS316, AISI SS304
Spring / Lock M4-M100 DIN 127 ASTM A36, AISI SS316, AISI SS304
PennyM4-M100 DIN 9021 ASTM A36, AISI SS316, AISI SS304
Nord Lock NL3-NL130 EN 1.7182, EN 1.4404, EN 1.4547, EN 2.4819, EN 2.4667


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