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Supplying and manufacturing quality astm a325, astm a320 grade l7 bolts and astm a325 tc United Arab Emirates.

Basic Product Product type & Head style Available size range Thread & Dimension refer to Properties and requirements refer to
Metric Nuts Hex M6-M100 ANSI B1.13M, DIN 934 ISO 898/-2 CL 8, 10 & 12; AISI SS316; AISI SS304
Heavy Hex M6-M100 ANSI B1.13M ASTM A194M GR 2H, 2HM, 4, 7, 8, 8M; ASTM A563M GR 10S; ASTM A453 GR 660 CL A,BC & D
Nylock M3-M48 ANSI B1.13M, DIN 985 ISO 898/-2 CL 8; AISI SS316, AISI SS304
Jam / Thin / Lock M3-M48 ANSI B1.13M, DIN 936 ASTM A194M, ASTM A563M
Cap M3-M20 ANSI B1.13M , DIN 1587 AISI SS316, AISI SS304
Imperial Nuts Hex ¼”-4” ANSI B1.1, ASME B18.2.2 AISI SS316, AISI SS304
Heavy Hex 3/8”-4” ANSI B1.1, ASME B18.2.2 ASTM A194 2H, 2HM, 4, 7, 8, 8M; ASTM A563 DH
Jam / Thin / Lock ¼”-4” ANSI B1.1, ASME B18.2.2 ISO 898/-2, AISI SS316, AISI SS304

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